A line of spray paint on Oakridge Boulevard shows where a fun afternoon went horribly wrong.  12-year-old Elisha Kahlich was riding his bike with friends, when a car hit him.

"The way his mother describes it, he was trying to put his brakes on and couldn't, and he ended up out in the street," said Elisha's pastor, Jon Dupin.

When the accident happened Sunday, Elisha was surrounded by his young friends.

"My boys were at the scene when it happened.  They were riding their bikes together," said John Heaton, Elisha's neighbor and Head Master at New Covenant School.

"It was as though it was one of my own children," said Heaton.  "It's been a difficult week."

As he helps his own children cope, he's preparing to tell students about the accident when they come back to school.

"I think it will be important for us to take stock of where he is," said Heaton.  "We trust in God that he will be in a better place than where he is right now.  That he'll be recovering."

Elisha is already making progress.  He's still in a medically induced coma, but was stable enough Thursday to have surgery on his leg.

"There are some things that are good signs, but he's not out of the woods yet," said Tammy Dupin, wife of Elisha's pastor and a family friend.

Elisha is at the University of Virginia Medical Center, where he could be for months.  His congregation at Brentwood Church is gearing up to offer long-term support.

"We know that when they return, it's going to be a long healing process," Tammy Dupin said.

For now they're making trips to Charlottesville to take home cooked meals, keep the family company, and pray.

"We're all praying for a miracle," said Jon Dupin.  "We're all praying that he lives, that he thrives, and that this is a defining moment in his life."

Doctors plan to start taking Elisha out of his coma Friday morning.

While that's happening, Brentwood Church is planning to hold a big prayer event.  They'll be praying from 7 to 8 a.m., during what they call a critical moment in Elisha's recovery.

If you would like to donate to Elisha's family, contact Brentwood Church by email at mosaic@brentwoodchurch.org.