Mitt Romney's expected to get the GOP nomination for president and when he does one Roanoke doctor will be cheering.  You see the two have been friends since they were young men in the 1960's.

"We first met in the fall of 1966 when we were serving as missionaries for the Morman church in France," explained Dr. Dane McBride, who is an Asthma and Allergy Specialist in Roanoke.

McBride saw something in Romney early on.  "I said to others if one day this guy doesn't become president of the United States this country will be cheated," said Dr. McBride.

"He (Romney) knew French better than most of us did at that point," McBride said. "He was very sharp. He was gregarious. He didn't show off that he was better than others. He just was."

The two remained close friends through college at Brigham Young University. They were in each other's weddings.  Dr. McBride pulled out his marriage certificate he keeps along with his wedding photos. "The real reason I want Mitt Romney to become president is because I have his signature on my wedding certificate," joked McBride.

But Dr. McBride was serious when he talked about Romney's ability to lead. He could lift people up and inspire people when morale was low, McBride said.  He not only set high goals but surpassed them while working as a missionary and on group projects in college.

Dr. McBride said Romney was on a committee at Brigham Young University to raise money for the athletic department.  Romney had an idea to ask the administration for alumni phone records and he began making phone calls and encouraged others to do so, something that was unheard of at the time, McBride said.  That fund raising far surpassed its goal.

"That's the essence of leadership," McBride said. "He accomplished higher goals than anyone would have thought possible."

McBride also believes Romney is the man who can fix the nation's economy. "We need to have a President who understands the economy, who knows how to lead cause he's actually lead before and who will go to work creating jobs for the American people," McBride said.

"The country sorely sorely needs leadership," said McBride. "And he will provide leadership that will get Congress working together again and he knows how to do that. "