Some changes could be coming to the Botetourt County school system.

Last month, the district introduced a proposal to change school boundary lines.

Botetourt County schools want to introduce true "feeder schools" - so that kids who go to middle school together continue onto high school together.

The schools say this would streamline transportation and make bus routes more efficient.

One school board member says the new lines would keep most students together except for a handful that go to Greenfield Elementary.

"There's a tiny piece of students that go to Greenfield Elementary that would actually go to Central Academy Middle and then onto Lord Botetourt. Most of the kids from Central Academy go to James River," says Botetourt County School Board member Kathy Graham Sullivan.

Those Greenfield students would be given the option on what high school they would attend.

The plan is still in the early stages and the school system wants to hear from parents.

The next school board meeting is Thursday the 12th.

For a closer look at the boundary proposal: