One school district in southern Virginia is booming despite budget cuts in other school systems in the area.

"There's a lot of square footage," said Martinsville School's Superintendent Pam Heath.

Moving and learning in Martinsville High School's science department are much easier now.

"This one has a lot more space, it's more safe for the students," said Teresa Davis, a biology teacher at MHS.

"We wanted to have science labs that were in an appropriate invironment for teaching 21st century science," Heath said.

School leaders revealed seven science rooms to students and the public for the first time today.

They're unlike anything in the city.

"The students would literally be able to get up and move around the table and be able to access the sink," Davis said.

Water and gas are available at every table. That's something the school didn't have before.

Those new features excite students.

"Yeah the small things are really what fascinates me the most. Or something as simple as having an outlet on the table," said Joseph Halpin, a senior at MHS.

Teachers and students helped develop the large rooms.

"The storage was basically designed by the teachers," Heath said.

Even the red, white and black floor had student input.

Teachers says the open layout is long overdue.

"My current classroom is extremely crowded. And you can barely walk around the room and when the class is full everyone is bumping each other cause they're back to back," Davis said.

Old classrooms are developing into health occupations and television production.
More space in the science department is phase one in a much larger renovation.

"I think everybody is excited and and everybody is like, oh I want to take this science next year, I want to do more with science. And it's getting kids more excited to do things with science because it's all new," said Marnie Martin, a junior at MHS.

Teachers are planning to move into the new classrooms later this week.

Monday night the superintendent, teachers and students are giving tours of the new rooms and their new features.