Blue and Yellow are the colors of Boston. 

For Justin Mosby and his wife Kirsten, they're also the colors of immense pride.

"It was just an experience with the size of the people. i'd never been a race that large. It was thousands of people around you, thousands of people on the sidelines," Justin said.

Today, they showed me their medals and all the paraphernalia from their first experience running in the Boston.  Unfortunately for the Mosby's, all these things also act as tokens of sadness, knowing what happened when they ran their first Boston marathon.

"We feel very blessed to have been there and finished the race .It is bittersweet because it's such a happy day and the weather was so perfect," Kirsten Mosby added.

The couple had finished and were making small talk with some Boston Police Officers a few blocks away when they heard the explosions.

Those officers rushed away, and chaos ensued.

Kirsten remembers, "Justin doesn't remember the bomb going off and I did and it was kind of  like "what was that" and then the second one went off then we heard all their scanners go crazy and that's when we needed to know we needed to back off.

The Mosby's have two children; the oldest, Audrey is seven.  They say explaining to her that someone her age died, 8-year-old Martin Richard, will be tough.

"I think we'll sit down with her tonight and kind of...I don't know... I don't know if we'll go too far into it other than ask her if she has questions," Justin said.

But all little Audrey and her sister Cora really need to know; Mom and Dad are okay.