Martinsville is getting a glimpse of Hollywood next month.

It's just one part of a combination of changes to freshen up the look and approach to racing at Martinsville Speedway.

The STP Gas Booster 500 is just two weeks away and it already has the potential to be memorable.

Not because of what's happening on the track but extra incentives to bring in a different crowd.

Covering the paint chips is only part of preparing for the STP Gas Booster 500 at Martinsville Speedway.

"I think we're pretty much right on schedule," Campbell said.

Fan gear is already set up and fans are starting to stake their seats. That's a sight the track likes to see after years of seeing a decline in ticket sales.

"We're all faced with the same issues. We're faced with the economy, we're faced with weather issues. So I think the one thing that will cure what we've been ailing is time," Campbell said.

Officials at Martinsville Speedway are keeping an eye on tracks like Bristol Motor Speedway.

The stands weren't full during the race last Sunday. It's a trend Clay Campbell says all tracks are facing.

But one he has worked months to overcome with new approaches to liven up the race even more.

"I think the on track product will be much better," Campbell said. "We're excited about STP being on board with us."

Unlike most races before, the track pushed ticket sales as soon as the fall race ended.
The sales are steady.

But track leaders are giving the sales one last push with a trio of famous Hollywood faces.

Mark Burnett, the producer of the CBS reality show "Survivor", and his wife, Roma Downey, known for her role on the former CBS show "Touched By an Angel", are the co-grand marshals.

Also Mario Lopez, known for several TV shows is waving the green flag.

All are an added incentive to come to the race.

"It's not one magic bullet. One magic bullet does not solve all of our woes but everything that we're doing, you know, put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and I think you've got a nice outcome," Campbell said.

Fans like Jonathan Rorrer are excited about the additions, but that isn't the main reason they are buying tickets.

"It would probably help just a little bit. But what really helps is how the racing is," Rorrer said.

He's come to the races his entire life, no matter who's saying these famous racing words.

"Start your engines!"

The track now has its own smart phone app that's new for this race.

Campbell also hired new staff to push ticket sales.