It's not the newest technology but solar powered panels are a new way of keeping the lights on NASCAR has never seen before.

"NASCAR is not the traditionally thought of as the most green sport. You think of the fossil fuels the oils the high octane stuff all the consumption of things," Peck said.

The hauler, a trailer packed full of pit road equipment, a conference room and even two trucks, is all powered from up above.

The is the only hauler in NASCAR powered by solar technology. These panels on top of the truck power mostly anything inside the truck.

"It was something that I thought was a lot easier then I thought it would be," Peck said. "Our hauler operates on 90 percent solar power. All the things inside run, we only have to run a generator to run the main gate and the back and the rest of our hauler is solar powered."

Peck Motorsports, the self proclaimed leader in "green" racing, can thank Brian Brown for the power.

"I got into renewable energy as a hobby in the late '90's. And then as a hobby it kind of grew," Brown said.

Brown was laid off from his last job in Northern Virginia.
His hobby became a start up company that's keeping the lights on in houses and now powering tractor trailers.

"We are the future in technology. American made, American ingenuity this is what America does best," Brown said.

Providing the most cost effective energy on and off the track.