Crews are working to repair a water main break in Lynchburg, near Old Forest Road.

Crews are working to repair a water main break in Lynchburg, near Old Forest Road. (Tim Saunders/WDBJ7 / September 27, 2012)

The Lynchburg Department of Water Resources has issued a boil water advisory notice following a water main break in the Old Forest Road.

Everyone in the following areas is cautioned to boil all drinking water:

Acorn St, Amelia St, Anthony Pl, Ardmore Cir, Ardmore Dr, Arlington Heights Dr, Ashley Dr, Atherholt Rd, Azalea Pl, Baltimore St, Belfield Pl, Bell St, Bennington Dr, Berkley Pl, Birchwood Dr, Blue Ridge St, Bobbitt Pl, Bonterra Pl, Breckenbridge St, Brenleigh Ct, Bristol St, Broadway St, Cardinal Pl, Carrington Rd, Cary St, Center St, Chapel Dr, Circle Rd, Clifton St, Club Dr, Club Terrace, College Dr, Confederate Ave, Craigmont Dr, Cranehill Dr, Dandridge Dr, Demott St, Devonshire Rd, Dorchester Ct, Downing Dr, East Cadbury Dr, East Woodside Ave, Eldon St, Elk St, Evergreen Rd, Faculty Dr, Falcon Hill Pl, Forest Hills Cir, Fulton St, Georgetown Dr, Glencove Pl, Gregory Ln, Halsey Rd, Heronhill Pl, Hill St, Hillside Ct, Hood St, Hopwood Dr, Hurdle Hill Rd, Indian Hill Rd, Interlink Rd, Joel St, Jubal St, Kettering Ln, Kulman Pl, Lakeside Dr, Landon St, Landover Pl, Langhorne Rd, Lansdown Pl, Lark Pl, Legacy Oaks Pl, Legacy Oaks Cir, Lemon Dr, Leslie St, Lindberg St, Link Rd, Linkhorne Dr, Macon St, Maher St, Middlesex Ave, Milford Ln, Milton St, Molly Stark Trl, Monticello Ave, Montridge Pl, Moorman Dr, Moormans Rd, Morgan St, Oak Hill Ave, Oakley Ave, Old Forest Rd, Old Langhorne Rd, Oriole Pl, Otter Pl, Overlink Ct, Page St, Peninsular St, Pleasant View Dr, Poindexter St, Rainbow Cir, Range St, Ravenwood Dr, Red Maple Ct, Reese St, Richmond St, Ridgecroft Dr, Robin Hood Pl, Rockbridge Ave, Round Hill Rd, Roxbury St, Savoy Pl, Sedgewick Dr, Sherwood Pl, Sky View Pl, Standish Cir, Staunton St, Sunset Dr, Tate Springs Rd, Thomson Dr, Village Park Ct, Wakefield Rd, Waverly Pl, West St, West Cadbury Dr, Westbrook Cir, Westerly Dr, Westhaven Pl, Wheatland Ct, Windemere Pl, Windham Ct, Woodridge Pl, and Yorktown Ave.


The City of Lynchburg is dealing with a "major" water main break.

A contractor working in the Old Forest Road area accidentally punctured a water line.

A large portion of the City of Lynchburg is without water.

The City of Lynchburg says the Department of Water Resources is aware of the problem and is working to restore water to affected businesses and residents.