Roanoke, Va. -

Mothers Against Drunk Driving commonly known as MADD is trying to drive the message across that, not only is drinking and driving dangerous but so is underage drinking. 

The Third annual PowerTalk 21 Day is shedding light on a growing problem.

“What they have found in some of their research is that 68% of the alcohol related deaths of youth under the age of 21 are not motor vehicle related,” said MADD Representative, Ray Bemis.

The organization says using alcohol at a young age could lead to accidental deaths, such as falling off a balcony.  They say talking to children at an early about alcohol consumption is crucial and local residents and parents agree.

“I think you should talk to kids sooner than you think you need to, maybe 10,” said parent Lea Decosta.

Organization representatives say that 30 percent of middle schools kids have consumed alcohol in the last 30 days, ranging from ages 12 to 15.

“I know for myself, I was already drinking at 10 years old. The kids are doing more than you think at that age. That’s definitely a good age to bridge that gap, said Floyd resident Adam Myers.

It’s a message that’s better learned now than later.