Star City Motor Madness gets bigger every year.  2012's event is expecting as many as 10,000 cars.

It kicked off Friday night with a four cruise up and down Williamson Road.

The road looked like one big block party. It had hot cars and hot people.

"It's hot enough to melt anything," says Jimmy Pentecost with New Life Christian Ministries.

Lawn chairs lined the road as people showed off their classic cars.

"It's a second year tradition for us, for me and my boyfriend to come so we decided to come on out and just brave the heat and deal with it," says Kristy Loboschefski.

People found ways to keep cool.  Derritheia Ayers brought an umbrella.

"Working pretty good still sweating a lot cause of the heat," says Ayers.

Other people brought fans, towels, and of course bottled water.

"We just go back and keep getting water and drinks," says John Jenkins, "You'll be alright The sun will eventually come down."

New Life Christian Ministries gave away water bottles for free.

"Right now we're gonna have a total for both days 3,000 bottles of water and we've already given about 700 bottles out," says Pentecost.

People sweated as they waited for their favorite cars

"All about the motorcycles and Camaros," says Derrick Johnson, "68, 69 Camaros. Definitely look forward to seeing those."

Even though the temperature hit triple digits, the only number these car lovers cared about was the model years.