As a German man clings to life, his family nearly 3,000 miles away has come to learn firsthand of the Southern Hospitality in the Roanoke Valley.

A truck driver hit Micheal Sprick in Pulaski nearly three weeks ago.

The avid cyclist was on a 10-week tour of the United States from Germany, but he's been in a coma ever since the accident.

His sister, Alexandra, flew in from overseas after a few people in this area tracked her down with the help of the German Embassy.

On Friday, many of those people who've opened up their homes and are bicyclists themselves gave her a heartwarming send-off as she headed back to Germany.

A fellow bicyclist, Alinda Perrine, says, "I think there's a connection way beyond meeting for the first time.  A connection of unspoken kindess and love, but that's what the bicycling community is all about."

Michael Sprick has been moved into hospice care.

State Police have charged the truck driver involved in the accident with reckless driving and driving with a suspended license.