There's no debate about it, you don't usually find debate teams in elementary schools. 

Westside Elementary in Roanoke has had one for two years.

"I like just being able to get out there and put my opinion in," said Westside Student Johnathan Cook

Their opinion has been heard all over the Roanoke Valley.

Now the debate team has been invited to bring their talents to Wiley College in Texas.

"I can't wait cause I just want to be there right now and I really just want to have fun," said Westside Student Jennifer Alvarez

Wiley College's debate team was made famous in the movie The Greater Debaters, starring Denzel Washington.

It tells the story of how the debate coach at the historically black college struggled to place his team on equal footing with whites in the American South during the 1930's.

"It really was inspirational because I just really wanted to be like the great debaters in the movie," said Westside Student Antoine Jefferson

Now they'll get that chance.

We're told Wiley College reached out to Westside after hearing it had such a young debate team.

"Perfectly honest with you I think it's going to be perfect in a good way.  I'd say it be awesome," said Westside Student Savan Carter.

It certainly will be awesome.  Many of these kids have never flown before or even left the state.
"I'm a little bit nervous.  I've been out of Roanoke before but never a plane and my brother tried to scare me," said Westside Student Carmen Couser.

Their coach isn't trying to scare them but he acknowledges these young minds may not realize how big of a deal this really is.

"We really want the kids to take in the fact that they're making history but beyond that they're making their own history," said Debate Coach Jeff May.

The students will leave for Texas April 15th.

The school system is raising funds to pay for the trip. 

The students won't have to pay anything.