Monitoring a person's heartbeat and pulse has been a practice for more than one hundred years.

Danville is taking the process and advancing it to the 21 century.

Each of the city's fire engines now have its own portable electrocardiograms.

The EKG machines allow the crews to start monitoring patients with symptoms of a heart attack as soon as they start complaining of pain and send that information directly to the hospital.

That means if someone is having a heart attack, doctors in the cardiac catheterization lab can monitor what's happening and be ready to start surgery before the patient arrives, skipping the emergency room.

"Our goal is, from the time you call 911 until the cardiologist is inserting the stints or doing a balloon procedure is 90 minutes. And that's going to really make an impact in the City of Danville," said Mike Jefferson, a Battalion Chief for the Danville Fire Department.

The EKG machines watch 12 layers of the heart at the same time and can give shock if the patient's heart stops.

This is costing you the taxpayer nothing.

A grant from the J. T. Minnie Maude Charitable Trust covered the nearly 170 hundred thousand dollar bill.

The department plans to start using the machines on calls April 15th.