Two local congressmen are throwing their support behind a man who's running for state office.

Tom Garrett is vying for state senate in the 22nd district, which covers Lynchburg and points east.

Garrett picked up endorsements Monday from Bob Goodlatte and Robert Hurt.

The Republican congressmen say they like Garrett's strong conservative values and his experience as a prosecutor in Louisa County.

"To have the hearty endorsements of Congressmen Goodlatte and Hurt today really means a lot to us," Garrett said.  "People know them as leaders and they have a record, and for them to use their name to support our campaign is very meaningful."

Garrett is also getting support from Lynchburg Delegate Kathy Byron and State Senator Steve Newman.

Garrett's Democrat opponent, Bert Dodson, is celebrating his own endorsement from the Virginia Firefighter's Association.