A California actress who grew up in the Roanoke Valley is hoping to make a feature film here.
 "It's a Good Day to Die," is  a comedy about assisted suicide, and this week, Andrea Shreeman has been meeting with community leaders and potential investors.
Shreeman is a Virginia native, a Cave Spring High School graduate and a veteran of the Mill Mountain Theatre stage. She's been working hard to bring her current project home.

"I was offered a 5000 square foot home for our talent," Shreeman told WDBJ7 Friday afternoon.  "I was offered a warehouse yesterday and a piece of land to shoot on. People are generous. Whatever they have to give so far in resources, they are offering it."

With her California co-writer Gregor Collins and a growing creative team, Shreeman has been planning "It's a Good Day to Die" for more than two years.

The project has already raised seed money on the website Kickstarter.com, and it's won the blessing of Emmy and Academy Award-winning actress Cloris Leachman.

"Andrea and Gregor have written this darling, interesting script," Leachman said in a Kickstarter video. "I think you'll enjoy being part of it."  The filmmakers hope that Leachman will be available to play the lead character.

And while the subject might raise a few eyebrows, Shreeman says the project involves much more.

"I would say assisted suicide can be funny, you know, and that we say assisted suicide comedy because it's snappy and because people respond," Shreeman told us, "but it's really about dying with dignity. And it's really being willing to look at death and be empowered and not being a victim toward the end." 

"It's a Good Day to Die" has a budget of $2 million, and the filmmakers' ability to raise the money in western Virginia will determine if the film is made here.

For a link to the film's website, click here