It is time to meet our new hamsters that we will watch for the next 3 months of our lives. A good group of contestants makes the season legendary. We want heroes, villains, people that make us laugh and people who are easy on the eyes. This season's crop seem very promising

Ashley Locco

On the outside she seems like a dumb-blonde. She claims that she is smart and will out-charm her contestants because she can read people’s lies. It looks like she is a fan of the show so kudos to casting who picked fans not recruits. I can see this girl going to 3rd jury spot. Scratch that, I just heard her in an interview and she is destined to get out 2nd because of the hot girl curse.

Danielle Murphree

A sweet southern girl… BORING! Danielle is the clone to Season 11/13’s Jordan. This girl will either make it far or get sent home early. She is too nice to play this game. Also, she says she became a fan after season 10… which means she doesn’t know real game plan. Ugh.. Disappointment.

Frank Eudy

I hate to judge people, even though I am a blogger but I am surprised this guy passed the drug test. This guy is super cocky and I can see him making early jury or getting the boot pre-jury.  He says he is a fan of the show but I feel he will enter the house guns blazing and it will burn his butt right out the door.

Ian Terry

Ian is the Cochran of this season and we all saw how that played out on Survivor…  He has a small stature and looks nerdy; this means he wont get any respect or leadership from his peers. People will perceive him as a threat and evict him. Ian will pull a Ronnie and go mid-way.

Jenn Arroyo

This girl rocks, literally and figuratively. Covered in tats, this Brooklyn gal will not get hustled out of the game. I can see her going far. Interesting fact: she was recruited off a ‘happy birthday" on a friend’s Facebook.  She might not know BB strategy but she has street smarts.