Hundreds of employees in Radford will soon have a new employer.

BAE Systems was awarded the contract to operate and run the Radford Army Ammunition Plant last May. Since then, ATK, the plant operator since 1995, has been appealing that decision.

The Government Accountability Office re-affirmed the Army's decision for BAE Systems to run the plant on Monday. The Army has lifted the "stop work" order that was in place while the decision was pending.

Over the next six months, BAE Systems will transition into the role of plant operator at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant.

BAE officials say they do not expect to make major workforce changes.

BAE Systems Support Solutions President Dave Herr released a statement on the final approval:

“BAE Systems is pleased and honored to be selected to manage, operate and maintain the Radford Army Ammunition Plant. The Army has reaffirmed its May 2011 decision to award the contract to BAE Systems. The Government Accountability Office has also rejected a protest by the incumbent, allowing the Army to lift the stop-work order.

“We look forward to beginning the transition. Our team is eager to provide the customer and community innovative ideas and cost-effective solutions, along with our proven track record of safe and secure facility operations. BAE Systems is also excited with the opportunity to partner with the Army, local government staff, and Radford’s highly skilled and dedicated workforce.”