In Pittsylvania County the sheriff, the school board, and county supervisors are taking major steps to prevent a school tragedy.

They released a detailed seven-point security plan Thursday, and it starts with an armed deputy in every school.

This is the first comprehensive reaction in our region to last month's Connecticut school shootings.

In addition to the armed school resource officers at all 20 schools in Pittsylvania County, each school will have a metal detector, and a lobby where each visitor is screened and questioned.

Right now the county has five resource officers who move around.

The one who works mostly at Dan River High School says it'll mean more work, but he gladly accepts the extra responsibility.

Making Dan River High School safe is an eight hour exercise plan for Officer Howard Crump.

He typically finds the occasional hallway wanderer, breaks up a fight, and keeps class changes orderly.

"Basically walking around sticking my head in classrooms just so people will know I'm here,” Crump said.

Sheriff Mike Taylor says he wants more security officers like Crump. The announcement in his own words:

"In addition, to place a deputy at each of the 20 schools within our county who will patrol the premises, who will monitor the security systems, and that will be an ever presence to deter any type of threat that may come our way,” Taylor said.

School leaders and county supervisors stand with him, promising money to support it.

"We all know that we are not alone in this matter. And it very well could happen in any jurisdiction,” Taylor said.

If it accomplishes anything, the sheriff says it's extra comfort knowing there's security in Pittsylvania County schools.

Officer Crump has been a deputy for 10 years. He's seen security tighten at schools beginning with cameras, then badges to gain entry, and then becoming armed.

But he says this is the most security changes he's ever seen at one time.

Each student was sent home Thursday with a letter introducing the sheriff's plan to parents.

The sheriff is inviting all parents, students, and teachers to hear the specifics of the plan Monday night.