Appomattox is looking back on a dark moment.  On this day one year ago, a gruesome murder scene was discovered at a home on Snaps Mill Road.

Eight people were killed.

Wednesday, many in Appomattox took a moment to remember the lives lost.

Fresh flowers sit in the courtyard of Appomattox High School, laid in memory of three students.

"Three vases of yellow roses to symbolize friendship," said Appomattox High School principal Michael Myers.

Emily Quarles, Bo Scruggs, and Morgan Dobyns were three of the eight killed in last year's mass shooting.

"The teachers and the students speak so fondly of all three students and they really made their mark in their short time here at Appomattox High School," said Myers.

A permanent memorial has been built at the school in their honor.

Wednesday's tribute is just one more way students are saying "we won't forget."

"It effects everybody pretty deeply," said Senior Daniel Disney, who was close friends with Bo Scruggs.

"It's like having a limb cut off," said Disney.  "You don't come back from that easy."

Disney tries not to think of what happened.  When he does look back, it's at the fond memories of his classmate.

"All those days we hung out, all day and all night," said Disney.  "All of that is in my head like it happened yesterday."

Looking back is difficult for law enforcement too.

"Its something that, at least part of my day every day I've thought about,' said investigator Donald Simpson, lead investigator on the shooting case.

"It's been a case without comparison," said Simpson.

"I don't think you'll ever be prepared for anything like that," said Captain Barry Letterman, who believes the shooting was a reality check for all of Appomattox.

"You don't ever know," said Letterman.  "We're in a small community, rural community.  Just goes to show you anything can happen anywhere."

The shooting has changed some in Appomattox forever.

The sheriff's office has purchased new gear, something they learned was needed.

Disney is back at school, remembering his friend with a tattoo and using Bo's life as inspiration to make the most of every day.

"Just trying to do what I can while I'm still here and while other people are still here," said Disney.

The man accused of carrying out the shootings is Christopher Speight.  For a time, he was deemed incompetent to stand trial.  That changed late last year and prosecutors are hopeful his case will go to trial, possibly later in 2011.