Target stores were swamped with shoppers early Tuesday morning as women flooded the store on a mission for Missoni, an Italian designer who is popular in Europe.

The designer is partnering with Target to give customers high fashion at a lower price.

"It was a surprise," said Target manager Aaron Brotherton. "I didn't expect it to be that busy.  We probably had 35-40 people waiting to come into the store and the merchandise flew of the shelves and sold really well above my expectations."

Target sold out of Missoni products in the store and online. You can find several pages of Missoni by Target on eBay, but it's selling for three times the retail price.

eBay may be the only place to buy it because Target says this was a limited release.

"At this time, we probably won't see a lot more of that product coming in," Brotherton said.  

Target has apologized to online customers for the problems with its website. The store has not said whether this is really the end or if there could be more Missoni released.