The metro was home to a few hostage negotiations, sniper shootings and crime crackdowns over the last week.

"I have seen some interesting tactics they are using here like rescuing hostages from the bus or some other things," said Tomas, whose last name Fox 4 is omitting for security reasons.  "It was also very important to me that I have seen negotiators in action because I too work as a negotiator in my unit."

It was all part of a special training three members of the Czech Police Special Operations Dept., participated in alongside the Grandview Police Dept.  Joining Tomas from the Prague Police Dept. are Zdenek Charvat and Roman Bittner. They are in town to American police departments work.  They'll take those skills home and implement them into Prague police departments.

"For them to come to Grandview, we were especially pleased with that and very proud that they came here to train with us and learn with us and also teach us a few things," said Grandview Police Deputy Chief Dean Hutson.

Hutson trains officers throughout Europe on SWAT and military parachute tactics.  He arranged the exchange with the Czech Republic.

"No one department or organization has all of the answers and these guys bring some pretty fresh ideas and new ways of doing things and new tactics and techniques," said Hutson.  "We've been training with them the last few days and they've shown us some pretty interesting things that we're going to try out and experiment with and see if we can adopt here in Grandview."

While the Czech officers will head home this week, they are already planning another trip back to the metro.

And, it wasn't all work for the guys.  They visited a variety of metro sites, including the World War ! Museum and ate a ton of KC Barbecue.