Metro sports fans are still howling mad after not being able to watch the final minutes of the Kansas-Missouri Border Showdown on Saturday after CBS inexplicably switched away from the close match in Columbia to another game.

Billed by the network with the inadvertantly prescient phrase "Chaos is Coming," Missouri mounted a furious comeback with just a few minutes remaining in the game, but viewers in Kansas City never got to see it after CBS switched to the start of the Michigan-Michigan State game.

No. 2-ranked Kansas would eventually defeat the No.22 Tigers 70-66.

More than 300 customers at The Well in Waldo were beside themselves with anger after the switch.

"It was mayhem. During that time we actually had 30 people run out of the bar to Lew's to see if they had the game," said Andy Lewellen, VP of The Well. Lewellen says that many of his customers initially blamed him, thinking that his satellite system had switched away from the game.

Lewellen says he frantically tried to find it on his channel box, only to realize no one was broadcasting it.

"I think it was a downer," said Lewellen. "I'd say we lost about half our crowd. People went home thinking they weren't able to watch the end of the game for whoever is to blame. But I think most of them blame the bar owners around town."

Television stations usually have more than one signal source for a telecast like a sporting event. Viewers in St. Louis and Topeka were able to see the end of the game after a brief outage, but Kansas City's KCTV never came back to it.

KCTV general manager Bobby Totsch did not return FOX 4's phone call seeking an interview to explain what happened, however in other interviews he says the station did not have the correct satellite coordinates for a constant feed of the game.

The station apologizes on its website and says it, "will ensure backup systems are in place to ensure this will not happen in the future."