While most of us were busy at work midday Wednesday, a group of 200 die hard soccer fans spent the day cheering on team USA at The Brewtop in Lee's Summit.

The U.S. beat France 3-1 to move on to the Women's World Cup finals in Germany.

"I play with heart.  I feel it," said Missouri Comets forward Byron Alvarez.  "I live for soccer.  It's everything.  I've thought about it since I was a kid."

Alvarez, 32, has played soccer for nearly three decades.  He was named the team's most valuable player last season. Now he hopes the women's win will help boost soccer to becoming one of the most valuable sports in the US.

"It's getting popular," said Alvarez.  "I'm from Mexico and in Mexico soccer is everything.  I come here and I see a lot of sports and soccer growing so fast.  I think in the future I think it will be like in Mexico - one of the most popular sports in the country."

The Missouri Comets hosted the watch party for the Women's World Cup Semi Finals in order to garner support for the team and soccer as a whole.

"It's one of the highest participating sports in America by the youth," said Comets Assistant Coach Doug McLagan.  "What we've got to do is get those participants out to watch the game."

McLagen said Wednesday's win should help do that.

"In 1999 the women won the world cup, so they've actually won one.  The men haven't," said McLagan.  "We're hopefully going to get back this year and make it another one.  But yeah, it's just great to see people watching whether it's men's or women's soccer."

As The Brewtop prepares for another Comets watch party Sunday, team USA prepares to win the final game in Frankfurt, Germany against Japan this weekend. Of the ladies win, they'll take home their second World Cup trophy.