A Kansas City, Missouri, funeral director who had his license revoked last month, and has since been found to still be in violation of state regulations, will be allowed to stay in business for at least one more week, a Jackson County judge ruled on Friday.

Ron Marts, owner of Marts Memorial Services, will not be allowed to sell pre-need funeral arrangements, and he must comply with state regulations and allow state investigators access to both the business and it's files, the judge ruled.

"The judge also had some other stipulations that he was considering that he didn't outline on the bench," said Sandy Sebastian, executive director for the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.

One of the stipulations that the judge is still considering would be to allow an interim funeral director to run Marts Memorial Services while Marts' appeal process is taking place. Suggestions from both parties are due when the case reconvenes on January 14th.

"I think the judge would have a part in that selection, it would be something we would consult with the board with," said Sebastian.

On Friday, state investigators testified that on two recent visits to Marts Funeral Home, they found more violations, including a cooler where bodies are kept had too high of a temperature and inaccurate and incomplete paperwork. One of Marts alleged victim's was allowed to testify at Friday's hearing. Hadley Cutburth says that he received somebody else's ashes for his wife's funeral.

"I'm worried about it dragging out further, and how many more people could encounter the same situation," said Cutburth.

Cutburth says he'll continue to do what he can to help the state's case against Marts. Other alleged victims of mr. Marts were in court and prepared to testify, but the judge didn't allow it.