The Findlay family of Kearney, Missouri, has been through a lot of late, as their four-year-old son battles brain cancer. But now they face a new challenge after losing their home to a devastating fire.

The family of six had been spending much of the last seven months at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City because of young Jessie Findlay's struggle against cancer. But the family was home on Sunday morning when a fire, which started in a basement playroom, woke them from their beds.

"Everything that we had, we had stored down here because we have been living in the hospital," said Jenny Findlay, Jessie's mother. She says that her son was diagnosed with brain cancer last September.

"Burkett's lymphoma is an aggressive tumor, it can grow from a pea size to a grapefruit within 14 hours," said Jenny Findlay. "It just literally grows by the minute."

Jessie Findlay is scheduled to go back to the hospital for his eighth round of chemotherapy on Tuesday, but he might not have made his appointment if not for the family's smoke detector going off at 2 a.m.

"We just thought it was another false alarm because we have always had bad wiring here," said Jenny Findlay. "This little device  did save our life."

Smoke from the fire ruined Jessie's medical equipment and everything else in the house, but the entire family made it out to safety.

"Everybody's always like, 'Oh God is not going to give you too much,' but I always tell everybody, I'm like my plate is full right now," said Jenny Findlay.

Firefighters suspect that an electrical problem sparked the blaze. To help out the Findlay family, you can make a donation to "Jessie's Foundation" by contacting any Liberty Bank in the metro area.