Dogs and their owners hit the streets of Leawood, Kan. on Sunday morning for a good cause. They were raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and helping a woman in her campaign to become woman of the year.

Ryan Jacobs is a nine-year-old with a big dream.

"I want to go to K-State and major in vet school," Jacobs said. "I want to specialize in exotic animals and be a vet at a zoo."

His family's dream was simply for the nine-year-old to beat Leukemia.

"We were scared of the unknown," said Ryan's grandmother Kathi Jacobs.

He has now been Leukemia free for seven years.

"I have two birthdays," Jacobs said. "One is my real birthday. The other is when I had my bone marrow transplant. I had a bone marrow transplant the week before I turned one."

Ryan Jacobs is this year's Boy of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Children like him are the reason Maggie Docking is raising as much money as she can to win Woman of the Year.

"Inspirational stories are very motivating for all of us to keep trying as hard as we can," Docking said.

She had 10 weeks to campaign. Sunday's Dog and Dash was the 7th and final fundraising event. Runners of the two and four-legged kind paid $25 to run. Every dollar will stay in the Kansas City area.

"It's incredible and so refreshing to know that there are young people who would take a cause like this," said Corky Jacobs.  

The Jacobs family is glad people are willing to help others whose lives depend on the money raised by the organization.