Today was closing day for a troubled Kansas City, Missouri, funeral home being shut down by the state for a myriad of problems, and for two metro residents who say that the Marts Funeral Home mishandled their father's ashes, the closure isn't exactly bad news.

Matt and Morgan Miller's father, Ken, died in February after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. He left little money, and they say that Marts Funearl Home offered cremation services for cheap. But they say that two weeks later, they still didn't have their father's ashes.

"I felt like we gave him plenty of time before we really started calling, and that's when the not taking phone calls, or let me call you back and never calling back, started," said Morgan Miller.

It was about that time that they say they started hearing about the funeral home on the news. According to state investigators, funeral home owner Ron Marts gave a man the wrong ashes, and found that Marts wasn't properly storing bodies and keeping them too long in the funeral home - up to 30 days.

Matt Miller says that he looked into it, and discovered that his father's body was kept at Marts Funeral Home for 12 days before being cremated. According to the crematorium, one or two days is the norm.

"All he could say was 'I'm sorry'," said Matt Miller.

"It's his body, he's not our dad anymore, but you like to think when you trust someone with your loved ones that they're going to take care of them," said Morgan Miller.

Marts, whose attorney did not respond to FOX 4's request for comment on Friday, is appealing the state's decision to strip him of his funeral director's license. In court last week, his lawyer said that Mart's would like the chance to start again in another state. The Millers hope that the state doesn't allow that to happen.

"The idea that every time we were there signing papers, and when I was calling, our dad was rotting away in the back room," said Morgan Miller.

The Millers are filing a complaint with the state Board of Funeral Directors and the Missouri Attorney General's office, and they hope others who have had problems with Marts do the same.

"I think he deserves jail time for what he's done, and he shouldn't keep a license for something he can't do properly," said Matt Miller.