After two pit bulls are euthanized by police in Harrisburg, dozens of community members came together to be, as they put it, a voice for those without.

"People they punish the breed and not the deed," said Tracy Darela, Dueces Blue Pitts. "A pit bull is not born to attack."

Those in attendance say in late March, two dogs were wrongfully killed by Harrisburg Police. However, according to the city, the dogs killed a cat, threatened children, and forced a man to jump on the roof of his car.

However, one former Harrisburg Police Dispatcher tells Fox 43 there were other options, including housing the dogs at The Carriage House. It's a practice she said was implemented when she was an employee.

"The city does have canine officers," said Kris Baker," former Harrisburg Police Dispatch. "I`m certain they have crates, vehicles equipped to house dogs. So additionally I think that would have been a viable option as well."

Baker also says the department did not have the dogs housed for 48 hours.

"I certainly would understand if the dog was in the process of an attack," said Baker. "I would certainly say this was warranted. But to take these dogs, put them in a van, take them to a secluded location, shoot them in the head and take and put their bodies in the incinerator. This should have never happened this way. There was another alternative."