Dover U.S. Soldier, Private First Class Cody Smith, returned home to Central Pennsylvania Wednesday, after serving nearly six months in Afghanistan. One of Smith's first obligations was not to himself, but to his fellow soldiers who were unable to come home for the Easter holiday. He, his mother, and others packed plastic Easter Eggs with candy, placed them in Easter bags, and placed them in packing boxes to be sent overseas.

"It makes me feel a lot better," said Smith. "It makes me feel like I'm helping people. So, it's a good feeling."

Smith's mother, Vickie Smith, came up with the "Easter Blessing" idea.

"Let somebody know that hey people back home really care about us," said Vickie Smith. "They're supportive, sending us something. It might not be a whole lot but it's something they have over there as a piece of home."

Vickie's boss told Fox 43, allowing the assembling and packing process to take place at Advanced Auto Parts (Vickie's place of business) was a decision he made without hesitation.

"It's our way to give back and say thank you to Vickie, to her son, to her family, to all the soldiers"

Materials used to complete the Easter Blessing project were donated from the community. Boxes will be shipped Friday.

Smith heads back to Afghanistan in November.