New Kent Schools Executive Director of Instruction Nate Collins discussed the advantages of the new 10-point grading scale on May 19.

NEW KENT - New Kent County Public Schools are moving to a 10-point grading scale and lengthening the school day, starting this fall.

The School Board approved the two motions Monday night, which would become effective for the 2014-15 school year.

"As of the 2012-13 school year, more than half of the school divisions in Virginia have adopted or are planning to adopt some version of a 10-point scale," said New Kent Schools Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Nate Collins, who added that it is the most prevalent grading scale used across the nation and in college admissions.

Collins, as well as a committee comprised of administrators, teachers, and school counselors, recommended that New Kent change to the 10-point scale, which implements plus and minus grades, and increases the total weighted Advanced Placement (AP) and Transferrable Dual Enrollment (DE) classes from 5.0 to 5.3.

At the elementary level, the new proposed 10-point grade scales would become:

•A = 90 and above

•B = 80-89

•C = 70-79

•D = 60-69

•F = Below 60

At the middle and high school levels (not including weighted classes), the new proposed 10-point scale would become:

•A+ = 97 and above (4.3)

•A = 93-96 (4.0)

•A- = 90-92 (3.7)

•B+ = 87-89 (3.3)

•B = 93-86 (3.0)

•B- = 80-82 (2.7)

•C+ = 77-79 (2.3)

•C = 73-76 (2.0)

•C- = 70-72 (1.7)