Trivia: Earthquake quiz


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  • 1. Which is the worst place to be during an earthquake?

    • A. In the open air.

    • B. Under a table.

    • C. In a greenhouse.

    • D. In a doorway.

  • 2. Which U.S. state has the least chance of an earthquake?

    • A. Washington.

    • B. Utah.

    • C. Alaska.

    • D. Colorado.

  • 3. The 'Ring of Fire' zone, notorious for its frequent earthquakes, includes which of the following locations?

    • A. Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines.

    • B. Anchorage, Alaska.

    • C. San Francisco.

    • D. All of the above.

  • 4. An earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale is likely to produce what effect?

    • A. People on the top floors of buildings will feel it, but no one else will.

    • B. Windows and furniture will rattle.

    • C. Weak structures and walls will fall.

    • D. Shock waves will be visible on the ground.