Jack Nicklaus' caddie Angelo Argea, Oct. 10

Jack Nicklaus' caddie Angelo Argea, Oct. 10 Angelo Argea, who spent two decades as the caddie for Jack Nicklaus during a period when Nicklaus won 40 tournaments, including the U.S. Open, British Open and the PGA, died on Monday, Oct. 10, 2005, in Canton, Ohio. He was 75. Argea went to the Palm Springs Classic in 1963 to caddie for a Las Vegas hotel executive when he was told more caddies were needed for the pros. He signed up with Nicklaus, who won the tournament. ''Angelo lived in Las Vegas and was driving a taxi at the time," Nicklaus said. ''I asked him if he wanted to caddie for me in the Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas, and we ended up winning that one, too. In fact, we won five of the first six tournaments Angelo caddied for me." Recalled Argea with a laugh: ''Jack figured he better lock me up, take me with him." Here Nicklaus, left, and Argea, with his shock of silver hair, chat at the PGA tournament at Oakmont, Pa., Country Club in August 1978.
AP/ Paul Vathis
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