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Rocks winner

Steve Bruza is the winner of this week's Reader SunShots category "Rocks" for this dramatically lit miniature landscape. The photo was take with a Nikon D200 and a Tokina 12-24mm lens at f22. "The rocks are in a little stream behind my house, "Bruza writes. "I was having fun by learning how to use a wide angle lens for objects that are very close to the camera in relationship with the background. The sky was just getting dark but the setting sun created some deep blue clouds and attractive lighting on a nearby tree, however, I decided to use my flash (off camera) to make the rocks stand out even more." Photo editor Jerry Jackson critiques, "I like the manufactured drama in this image with the balance of the off camera flash and underexposed daylight. The wide lens combined with the low angle and maximum depth of field turn the stream stones into boulders."
Steve Bruza
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