Reader SunShots "Graffiti" winner

The winner for this week's Reader SunShot series "Graffiti" is Brian Tankersley, for his picture taken with his iPhone 4S of the Bell Foundry Building on North Calvert Street. The photographer makes a practice of taking pictures while on his morning run. Here is a critique by Baltimore Sun director of photography Robert Hamilton: "When I picked this category, I was looking for photographers to put their own unique spin on the artwork and not just shoot a wall. That's like shooting a painting hanging on a wall - it doesn't take much imagination. That's why I picked this image. I liked how the photographer used the lower wall of graffiti as leading lines to take the viewer to the foundry building where eyes look back at you. I also like the fact that the photographer carries a camera with him to document such scenes."
Credit: Brian Tankersley
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