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Strong winner

A photo submitted by David Liddle of his father is the winner of this weeks Reader Sunshots theme "Strong." The image was likely taken with a Kodak Brownie box camera at RAF Manston in Kent near London England in 1942. "My father was a remarkable man," says Liddle. "He worked on, and flew on, Spitfire Fighters, Avro Anson Trainers and Vickers Bombers amongst others. In the picture he was performing a stunt that I saw him do when I was a child. He would sit in a sturdy chair with arms. Place his hands on the arms and in an amazing show of strength raise himself up off of the seat, lean forward slightly, bringing his legs up and under and then behind him, raising them slowly up in the air until he was in the position that you see in the picture." Baltimore Sun photo editor Jerry Jackson comments, "This powerful memory from the family album fits the category to a tee. It also reminded me that some photos should be printed. This photo from 70-years ago seems somehow more tangible and relevant than an image shot a year ago, stored only as megabytes and buried in a Facebook newsfeed."
David Liddle
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