Reflections winner

Bill Bitman is the winner of this week's Sunshot theme "Reflections" with his photo of a great egret fishing in the Shark Valley region of the Everglades last January. He captured this big bird with a Nikon D300 with a 400mm f/2.8 lens on a tripod. "There were many herons and egrets wading the water hoping to catch fish," Bitman writes. "This great egret was situated far enough away for me to get the entire bird in the frame, yet close enough to capture the texture of its plumage. After many minutes of waiting patiently, the egret suddenly raised its wing in order to create more contrast for spotting fish." Photo editor Jerry Jackson comments, "The overcast sky and dark water really makes the reflection pop in this beautiful shot. I like that photographer is showing us the shadowing behavior that the egret uses to fish."
William Bitman
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