Lines winner

Andrew Conca-Cheng is the winner of this week's Reader Sunshots with his photo taken from the Brooklyn Bridge facing the city in the late afternoon. He used a Nikon D3200 and a 50mm lens to make the image. "I was drawn to the composition because i liked the silhouette of the city scape in the background and the repeating lines of the bridge in the foreground," Conca-Cheng explains. "I was also really drawn to the fade of the sky and how it becomes more saturated as the lines of the bridge become more dense." Baltimore Sun photo editor Jerry Jackson critiques,"Very nice! I like that the photographer chose to expose for the sky and let everything else silhouette. There are only a few subtle clues that tell me this is a photo and not a graphic pen-and-ink illustration."
Andrew Conca-Cheng
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