Blue winner

David LaMason's blue-fronted dancer is the winner of this week's Reader SunShots theme "Blue." He captured the tiny critter in Robert E. Lee Park using a D5100 and a reversed 50mm lens on a set of macro extension tubes. "Summertime is great for catching glimpses of these small damselflies. This one is a blue-fronted dancer and is about the size of my pinkie finger from head to tail," LaMason writes. "These guys are shy, so I sat still and waited until one landed on the rock next to me." Sun senior photo editor Jerry Jackson critiques: "I love the diversity of images we get with such a broad theme. This image stood out with its unique perspective and incredible detail. While the focal plane couldn't be more than a couple of centimeters deep, every facet of the damselfly's compound eye is sharp."
Credit: David LaMason
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