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  • This week's category: Big sky

    This week's category: Big sky

    Share your pictures for this category through July 29. The winning photos will appear August 5 in print in the Life & Travel section, as well as online. It can take up to 24 hours on weekdays, and 48 hours on weekends for photos to be approved. Photos must be a 16:9 aspect ratio to avoid them being...

  • Camouflage winner

    Camouflage winner

    Patrick Whitty is winner of this week's Sunshots theme, "Camouflage," for a photo of his daughter's face peeking through heaps of leaves. The image was taken with an iPhone 5s. Alison Whitty describes the situation: "My 2 year-old daughter was playing in our front yard. I approached and she immediately...

  • Camouflage honorable mention

    Camouflage honorable mention

    Second place winner is Philip Canter for his image of a moth on the road which he and his wife spotted on an evening stroll. Perna says, "As my colleague, Ken Lam observed, 'The moth is camouflaged by texture more than by color.' The patterns on the moth bring attention not only to itself but also...

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