Trayvon Martin

Trayon Martin was 17 when he was shot once in the chest by George Zimmerman. His parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, divorced when he was a child, and he was living in Miami Gardens, about 250 miles south of Sanford, with his mother and brother.

He was staying with his father and his father's girlfriend in Sanford when he encountered Zimmerman in the gated community where they lived. Martin, who was black, was wearing a hooded sweat shirt, something his parents and their supporters say led Zimmerman to racially profile the unarmed teenager and stalk him as he returned from buying candy at a nearby 7-Eleven store. Martin had no criminal record but had been suspended from school three times.

Zimmerman's legal team says information obtained from Martin's cellphone and social media accounts show he was involved in fighting, smoked marijuana and glorified gangsta culture. According to his parents, Martin was a good son whose reputation has been sullied by the defense team to sway the jury.

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