In the quest to appear fair, journalists in both print and on TV have betrayed simple honesty. Washington has ceased to govern and is actively sabotaging the economy, and the main creators of obstacles are the Congressional Republicans.

And no one in the mainstream media is pointing this out. No one.

Almost a month ago, President Obama laid out his plan to create jobs and invest in our infrastructure. The bottom line: More people working and better roads, bridges, and schools. Congress refuses to vote on it, because they know their constituents will punish them if they vote no when they next go to the polls.

All of the goals set forth in this bill have been approved before by both Republicans and Democrats. There is no excuse for not doing what is needed to repair our crumbling schools, roads and bridges; there is no excuse for not supporting now what was supported before. All these things need to be done for public safety, and they need to get started right away. Blocking this bill is morally, ethically and economically wrong for the vast majority of Americans.

But that is exactly what is happening. And no one in the mainstream media is telling the truth about it!

As the president asked last week in his speech at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, since when are Republicans against building roads? And I'd add, since when are they against creating jobs?

Sadly, I think the answer has do with when political posturing became more important than actually getting things done. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the House Republicans have made their priorities clear.

It is absolutely immoral for a teacher or a student or a working mom to pay higher income taxes than the wealthiest 1% of Americans. The rich need to share the pain. Let's keep the pressure on them to not let the same thing happen this time around.

The American people rely on the media to tell the truth. Please begin. The Republican blockade is killing America.

Wendy Ballard

Laguna Beach


'Shirley Valentine' delights at Playhouse

"Shirley Valentine" at Laguna Playhouse is the best show! I didn't want it to end. I want to know what happens to these people. "Shirley Valentine II"?

Actress Dee Dee Rescher, director Andy Barnicle and writer Willy Russell are a stellar combo. You still have time to see and laugh and cry and thoroughly enjoy this gem of a play. The show goes till Sunday.

Bobbi Cox

Laguna Beach


Pay attention to property tax bill

You or your landlord have just received a property tax bill.