Why so little attention to the Black Panther bounty on Zimmerman?

While the entire George Zimmerman/Tryavon Martin issue is a tragedy on many fronts, I am outraged by the lack of action from the mainstream media and law enforcement concerning the bounty on Mr. Zimmerman offered by the Black Panthers. I am not a legal expert, but this should be a crime.

The lack of reporting by the media and the inaction taken by authorities shows that if a group is of the preferred, politically correct ethnic background, they can do whatever they want with no fear of repercussion. This should make the average American very nervous.

Isn't this the same vigilantism that Mr. Zimmerman is accused of? Why is there no public outrage? Why isn't the media demanding something be done? Why aren't the leaders of the said communities and politicians speaking out and having public forums?

Unfortunately this is another example of the double standard that exists in our current society. If the circumstances were reversed I believe the outcome would be very different.

Joe, Finksburg

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