Sexist coverage of women's athletics

Hidden inside the sports section last week was an article about the University of Maryland women's basketball team's latest victory ("Terps women beat Wake Forest, 73-63," Feb. 9). The team is currently ranked seventh in the nation.

Yet despite Title IX's ban on discrimination against women in college athletics, the women's exploits were buried on Page 5 of the sports section. Page 1, by contrast, was taken up with a lengthy article on a high-school boys' basketball team.

Clearly your editors are discriminating against women's sports when a women's team ranked in the top 10 nationally is relegated to the inside pages while a high school male team makes the front page.

Of course, the reasoning goes, no one is interested in women's sports. But how can people get interested when your editors insist on not providing appropriate coverage for one of the best women's teams in the country?

Linda J. Jacobs, Randallstown

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