Progress for women [Letter]

I read with interest Susan Reimer's April 21st column: "A gender gap in confidence," expressing concern about women's lack of confidence.

In the 1960s and early 1970s, very few women went to medical school. Our 1969 graduating class at the University of Maryland School of Medicine included six women out of 125 graduates.

Nevertheless the following incident occurred to the first woman surgical resident at a major hospital. The first day, when she showed up in the Operating Room anteroom to undress and gown, she was confronted with two doors: "Doctors" and "Nurses." To her credit, she went into the room labeled "Doctors" and began to undress. The male surgeons in the room profusely apologized to her, politely asked her if she would undress and gown just for that day in the room labeled "Nurses," and assured her that by the next day, the doors would read "Men" and "Women."

Dr. Leon Reinstein, Baltimore

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