A misleading Sun headline

Trump's women don't meet the scorned test — they weren't that fond of him.

I doubt I will be the only English major who will contact you about this. The headline for the recent Jules Witcover column ("Scorned women blast Trump," Oct. 18) is misleading for the following reasons:

The scorning in the proverb refers to women whose love has been rejected and that love then turns to hate, hardly the case of the Donald Trump accusers.

"The GOP candidate is no Shakespeare, or he might have known the hell he was in for." You've got the wrong William. The proverb, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," is derived from a passage in the William Congreve play, "The Mourning Bride."

I've long been a big fan of Mr. Witcover and always look forward to reading his columns.

Kathleen Roso, Catonsville

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