Biased media let Obama off easy

I find it interesting that Jules Witcover can write a whole column on Mitt Romney calling mandatory health insurance a tax and his aide calling it a penalty ("Blame the candidate, not the campaign," July 10). No matter what you call it, most will not be able to pay. And what about the arrogance of President Barack Obama still calling it a penalty when Chief Justice John Roberts handed him a golden apple by calling it a tax. It is unbelievable that Mr. Obama and the Democrats can say and do anything unencumbered by unfavorable media coverage (except by Fox News and the Wall Street Journal), and Mr. Romney and the GOP gets hammered for no reason whatsoever.

For an encore, how about spinning Mr Obama's callingGeorge W. Bush"unpatriotic" for his $4 trillion deficit increase in eight years and also promising that he would reduce the deficit in half. Any journalist with common sense would be jumping all over the president on this.

I really don't know how you folks sleep at night. I guess you have no conscience.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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