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Maryland needs wind power

It is with great interest that I read The Sun's article, "O'Malley to push for wind yet again," (Jan. 13) but I don't understand the opposition. Some opponents say wind farms would "look bad." Funny, how windmills in Holland are considered beautiful. More importantly, others like state Sen. E.J. Pipkin claim offshore wind is expensive and may cost jobs. Senator Pipkin's solution to drill more for natural gas reserves in western Maryland is incredibly foolish and short-sighted.

Our underground energy sources are finite. They will run out ,and it's important to develop and harness other sources like wind energy to contribute to our energy needs. Wind farms and other sources of alternative energy are mandatory for us and future generations. It was innovation that made our country so great, and conservatives seem to want to squelch that creativity.

I don't mind paying a dollar more a month in the short term to develop alternative energy when the current sources are finite. According to Information Week, just one year after coming on line in Massachusetts, a $3.9 million wind turbine is generating a third of the Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort's power. Maryland needs alternative energy sources.

Rob Gutro, Bowie

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