Stop inhumane wildlife killing

Why allow inhumane treatment of wildlife like shooting sleeping bears in their dens?

The Republicans have changed the rules for killing wildlife in Alaskan wildlife refuges ("Senate votes to allow trapping, baiting and aerial shooting of Alaska grizzlies, wolves," March 22). The new rules are inhumane, unnecessary and are not sport-related. They allow killing the following: black or brown bear cubs or sows with cubs, brown bears over bait, bears using traps or snares, wolves and coyotes during the denning season and bears from an aircraft. Also permitted: steel leghold traps, snares, crawling into a den and shooting the mother and cubs of bears, wolves and other wildlife and shooting bears and wolves from planes and helicopters.

I know of no reason why these terrible inhumane practices would be allowed other than the extremist NRA supports them. All of our Democratic representatives voted no.

Vincent Gardina, Perry Hall

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