Do we reward hard work or not? [Letter]

In regard to Dan Rodricks' recent column on the minimum wage and tipped workers ("Questioning wage law built on the kindness of strangers," April 18), I was following along with Dan's arguments up until his last sentence, "and I thought that in America we like to see extra effort rewarded."

In a previous paragraph, Mr. Rodricks laments the huge gap between the country's wealthiest 10 percent and everyone else and questions why we legally limit the amount of compensation food industry and hospitality workers might get. If he feels strongly, as he should, that the government should not be limiting the amount of money anyone can earn, why is he OK with limiting the amount that the wealthiest 10 percent earn through confiscatory and punitive taxes and tax rates?

How are we to believe Mr. Rodricks when he says that in America, we like to see extra effort (many of the wealthiest 10 percent do put in extra effort daily) rewarded, when he appears to be excluding 10 percent of the population? Sounds incredibly hypocritical to me.

Paula Fargo, Reisterstown

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