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Why does it take workers so long to fix a broken water main?

Regarding your story about the water main break in downtown Baltimore, I'd replace the individual who is responsible for overseeing the location and maintenance of all water main valves in the metropolitan water system ("Break in Light St. water main disrupts downtown," July 17).

I feel sure someone has this job and is probably getting a six-figure salary for it, but still can't locate the valve to cut off water main breaks.

It seems like every few weeks there is a water main break — which may be understandable in a 100-year-old system — but sometimes it takes more than eight hours for maintenance workers to find the proper valve to shut off.

I'd hire the first applicant who would take the trouble to map out every water valve and its location, so that water could be cut within half an hour. BGE deserves at least this much credit for its infrastructure.

George B Wroe, Glyndon

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